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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

driving as my new responsibility...

whoaa.. since the bgnng of my hols, i'd nvr be a passenger til now.. (ok, lied.. myb nt more than 10).. since i've filled most of my time with driving, i started to learn tat driving is actually TIRING!! and poor my acu for always be the one who have to drive here n there just to fulfill her n others responsibility.. huhuhu~

but cheer up acu.. with me here, i'll help u as much as i can..( hahahahaha... but still kne consider blk.. sbb kne spent mse ngn ummi gak..) tp ble dtg ari jumaat.. kmi akn bg 2.. sorg akn blk kg n the other one akn p sri tualang.. so kre krg r sket kn beban acu.. uhuks..

but the week yg the 'whole family' p anta along posting kt jerteh, i'm the one yg replace all the mummies n jd babysitter utk 'adek2' trchenta.. tp mmg siyesly andai diberi peluang utk jd babysitter lg.. i'll hands up.. tk larat woo.. sorg nk anta ke cni.. sorg kt sne... sorg nk kne jmput pkol ini.. sorg nk kne jmpot pkol itu.. aish.. last2 aku trlntang lam blik n tdoq smpi xsdr ape..

mmg pnat.. acu tanx so much sbb drive sy ke sne ke mari.. mmg appreciate gle ur money, time, n energy.. so lps ni i rather ride a bus than ask anyone utk anta p mne2..

p/s: cpat la mac 2011!! nk dpt lesen 'pure plak'.. uhuks~