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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the power of word

had been watching this video just now.. it showed how WORDS can play a big role in our daily life.. that is why in dakwah and tarbiyah, we should know how to use WORDS that can make people THINK, UNDERSTAND, REMEMBER and PRACTICE ..

reminder for me n you, readers

Sunday, January 15, 2012


hi everyone had been busy n lazy for too long.. hehe..
last year on nov me n my besties had been visiting the Trans Studio in Bandung.. it is an indoor theme park just like the one that we have  at TS in Malaysia.. since it just opened not long before we went there so there are no so many things that we can play there..

actually it was out of plan.. i am supposed to refer my health problem at the main hospital in town.. since we didn't want to spend most of the time at the hospital so we went there early in the morning.. when we reached there, the officer told us that the specialist was on holiday pfffttttt.. since we already rent the car for a day, so we end up going to trans studio cuz that is the only place that had already opened at that hour...

so here are the pictures... :)

 in front of the hospital..


having breakfast at the coffee beans before going in :)

 at the haunted house, laughing cuz its not scary at all

bought some pairs of shoes before going home.. XD

really had fun there..
thats all, okbye! ;)