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Sunday, June 17, 2012


Assalamualaikum WBT.. :)
Last two weeks, the committee of Malaysian Pharmacy Student of Unpad had organized a farewell party for the 2007 n 2008 seniors that gonna be back for good at the end of this year. The theme for this party was Masquerade.. here are some of the pics for the event :)

my mask.. my friend bought it at Baltos n i decorated it myself..
i chose grey as the base since it match my grey baju kurung..
used red n gold glitters as deco
fuhh sakit belakang den nk buat nih! ;)

my very 1st time wearing contact lens *jakun
wanna wear grey at 1st but kakd insist me to buy the hazel
one since my baju n mask r already grey..
nnt tgelam pulak dek topeng cumel itu .. ;)

with the very 1st batch malaysian seniors
kaksyida(with grey cardigan) n kak yusra (blue tudung)
alhamdulillah kakyusra had just finished her housemanship in HKL

besties in the class.. L-R fatin,syida,kakd,me
y me so short??! :(

some of the classmates Pharmacy KPBI 2010 :)

classmates.. n again me being the shortie (-.-!)

my pharmacology lab groupmates..
the guy called jeg

p/s: this few weeks some of my friends told me that i lose so much weight.. for me its not that good.. cuz losing so much weight indicates that my illness is getting worst :(

soon! ;)

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