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Friday, March 11, 2011


assalamualaikum wbt..

hey peeps.. long time no see..
i'm not in a good mood right now.. u know what? i had been away from my family since i'm 13 years old.. n this is my 1st time, crying like a baby under my ZARA (a teddy from kakD), begging on the phone for ummi to come here since next week is the mid term school holiday in Malaysia n begging for her to let me go back to Malaysia for the next 2 week since i have no class on Monday n no lab on Tuesday (physical pharmacy lab is only once every 2 week!).. hohohooo... i sound sooo crazy isn't it? but that is the truth! i realy feel homesick.. it's like really really REALLY HOMESICK!(soorry, need to use capslock to show u how desperate i am to want to go home)..

the only thing that can stop me from packing my belonging n get on the bus n go to the airport is.. MONEY.... MONEY is not easy to get bro.. if n only if my parents are the employee of either AirAsia or MAS.. i will surely do that.. coz according to my friend whose her father is an AirAsia pilot.. they have this kind of thing like discount card or something which is called the ID90 which allow any of the card holder to only pay 10% of the flight ticket..(90% dicount dude!).. for example..  normal price for one way BDO-KUL ticket is RM300-90%= pay only RM30!..  of course i will go back to Malaysia anytime!! hohohoho..

studying abroad is not easy bro.. u have to be familiar with all the things.. people, environment bla bla bla.. but the thing is EVERYTHING IS NOT THE SAME AS MALAYSIA... arghhhh.. now i know how its like to study abroad.. (dulu gdix sgt nk dtg cni huuuuu~)....

wanna go home n hug my ummi n annoy my tante acu!! oh NOooooooo...

k la people.. c u next time..

pssssttttt.... hey peeps i'm going to JAKARTA tomorrow!! can't wait!! :D will go there with besties n IMAN n BAIK.. next time i'll tell u what are this IMAN n BAIK k...

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